Know about the best selling Power pressure cooker XL8



If you are looking for the best electric cookers in the market, then you have come across the Power pressure cooker XL8. It is the most trusted brands in many households. The pressure cooker is useful for making many recipes. They are great as it makes our jobs easier by cooking all the ingredients. However, it is in our hands to put all the necessary ingredients into the cooker at accurate proportions. The Power pressure cooker XL8 has been the most used cookers as they are manufactured using high-quality materials. In this article, you can know about its specifications, usage, and advantages.

Specifications of Power pressure cooker XL8Power pressure cooker XL8

The power pressure cooker XL8 has been provided with the following buttons

  • Delay timer: It helps you to cook the food inside the cooker after the set time.
  • Canning: It is also called preserving button that develops high pressure to keep the food warm for a longer period of time. However, it is advised to not use this button if you are living in a higher altitude region.
  • Slow cook: The cooking time can be adjusted to cook slower than the usual time it takes to cook. This time can range from two hours, six hours, and to twelve hours.
  • Soup and stew: It is used to cook soup, stew and another related recipe which takes 10 minutes to cook and can be extended to 30 or 60 minutes.
  • Rice and risotto: The power pressure cooker XL8 has this rice/risotto button to cook these items in six minutes and however it can be adjusted to 18 or 25 minutes.
  • Beans and lentils: The pressure cooker has beans/lentils button to cook these items in 5 minutes. But you can adjust these timings to 15 or 30 minutes.
  • Keep warm: The keep warm button helps you to keep the cooked food warm for a certain period of time. If you go for an outing before lunch, then you can press the button to keep it warm till you return.


The usage of power pressure cooker XL 8 is similar to the usage of any other cooker. It has many specifications compared to others which make it great to use. You can use the buttons without lids for the process of sautéing and browning. Releasing the pressure is very easy as you have to look at the symbols provided on the lid. It has an outer lid and an inner liner to hold the gasket for pressure.

Advantages of Power Pressure cooker XL8

The power pressure cooker XL8 has the following advantages

  • There are many sizes available in the same brand. If you need bigger than 6 quarts you can easily get them form store.
  • You can season this pressure cooker with just water. There is no need to use a cooking spray or others.
  • This pressure cooker unit has canning options and even larger units are provided with additional accessories for canning.
  • The price is very affordable for such specifications.

These are the tips and benefits of using the Power pressure cooker XL8. If you are looking t buy one, this is a great choice.


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