Are you on a mission- Buy Tactical Boots?



Tactical Boots also referred to as Combat Boots basically originated for military purposes. The history can be dated back to the 1st century and was popularized by military personnel in the Roman Empire. These boots were initially used by soldiers during training or while combat because these were rough and tough shoes and sufficed their purposes. Boots are designed for certain activities or climates which define its types.

Types of Combat Boots

Tactical Boots

  • Jungle Boots
  • Desert Boots
  • Extreme cold weather Boots
  • Jump Boots
  • Tanker boots
  • For civilians, Hiking Boots incorporate similar technology

Present Day consumers of Combat Boots

  • Military service personnel
  • Special Ops
  • Security Ops
  • Law enforcement Professionals
  • Hikers on rough terrain
  • Public Safety workers who carry heavy loads
  • Physically Demanding careers
  • Fashion enthusiasts are finding it distinctive and voguish

What is your Mission? If you are in one of these professions or in an environment where you need protection against mud, water, sand, difficult terrain, snakes or any other hazards your search is over. Apart from professional involvement, if your day to day life involves uneven and bumpy foot rides you might find relevant information here. Enthusiasts who are hiking often purchase Tactical boots and nowadays the public is also using it as a fashion statement. Let us elaborate on the features which make it trending and inspiring.

Features of Tactical Boots

  • Durability- Most Boots are made up of hardened materials and have a higher life span and they have special ability to withstand wear and tear, intense pressure on tough terrains and are highly resistant to damage
  • Reliability- Its name tactical itself tells the amount of careful and skilful planning done behind and therefore reliability can be relied upon
  • Breathability- Boots are quite breathable, cool and comfortable even when performing on different terrains
  • Slip Resistant- Whether on mud, ice, snow, grease or slick liquids
  • Lightweight and flexible- Though the material is hard still they are light weighted
  • Waterproof in nature
  • Extra Stability on all terrains with sturdy uppers mainly on the ankle part
  • Great grip and protection of foot makes it even more loved against rigorous terrains

Anatomy of combat boots

  • Tongue provides ankle support and cushioning
  • Eyelets that hold the laces are quite comfortable and these are mostly in cross- lace pattern
  • The upper is designed to provide breathability and covers toes, foot and back of the heel
  • Toe cap protects the toe perfectly as it has hard plastic or steel
  • Insole supports inners or bottom of the foot, cushioning depends on the model one purchases
  • The outsole is mostly rubber soles designed for better traction
  • Collar, Lugs and toe bumper promote stability

Every purchaser or consumer has his own reasons to procure tactical boots depending on your individual mission, environment and personal taste. Definitely depends for you, which part needs more protection; foot, toe, ankle or soles. In current times, it is influencing a major part of the population for the sturdiness and unique look it provides.

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