All you need to know before buying the best bug fogger



Are you tired of seeing bugs around your house? Well, maybe it’s time to invest in the best bug fogger so that your house is no longer infested with cockroaches, fleas, mosquitoes, and other flying insects. While some people prefer to seek the assistance of pest control services, others prefer to make use of bug foggers and do the task themselves as it is a lot cheaper than what the pest control service may charge.

A bug fogger refers to a device that creates a fog and contains aerosol propellants that releases all its contents and fumigates the area at once. Listed below are some things that you should keep in mind before buying the best bug fogger.

Types of foggersbest bug fogger

Thermal foggers

These foggers make use of high temperatures to heat the fogging solution which can lead to fire hazard incidents if used indoors. And while it also depends on the model that you use, it is generally advisable to use thermal foggers for outdoors. There are two types of these foggers: electric and gas. The electric fogger needs to be plugged to an electric outlet in order to work whereas the gas ones usual use propane gas to operate. One advantage of these foggers is they are easily movable.

Cold foggers

These foggers make use of air pressure to atomise the fogging solutions, therefore there are no risk factors involved in their operation, unlike thermal foggers.

Opt for preventive measures

Before investing your money to buy the best bug fogger, it is a good idea to opt for certain prevention measures to eliminate pest infestation from your house. The most important and the primary way is to keep your house clean. It is the unhygienic condition of the house that draws these pests to your house. So, you should keep your food items packed at all times and avoid littering your floor with food crumbs. Further, moisture from leaky pipes also is the cause of pest infestation so one should always get them fixed immediately.

Safety precautions

If these preventive measures do not work, then you can buy the best bug fogger to do this task. But improper use of these chemical pesticides can pose real risks to your family. Therefore, certain safety tips should be followed after releasing the fog. First of all, all members of the house should vacate the area after the fogger is used and only return after ventilation has taken place by opening the doors and windows after some time of releasing the fog. Also, the fogger shouldn’t be used more than necessary and should not be used directly on ignition sources as they may spark a fire.


Many people face the problem of bugs infesting their house; the reason could be food crumbs on the floor, dirty dishes or even that leaking pipe under your bathroom sink that you have been procrastinating to get it fixed. It is better to do something about these bugs in advance before they become the cause of spreading diseases in your family. Therefore, by buying the best bug fogger in the market, you can keep your house safe and free of these pests by spending just a small amount of money.

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