A Guide To Planted Tank Substrate



If you have some inkling of the happenings that take place in the aquatic community then you might be aware of the fact that the use of the substrate in the aquarium is a bit emotional as well as a controversial topic. There is always a diverse opinion on this subject as to consider the importance of this substrate in your aquarium. To solve this doubt that you might just have in your mind, this article is bringing you some facts and detailed information. But to give you a better idea just consider that an aquarium that is furnished with the substrate would be more stable than an aquarium that is lacking a substrate. Read below about the Planted Tank Substrate to know more about it.

Why use a substrate?

Planted Tank Substrate

There are many reasons that support the use of a substrate in your aquarium, some of which are given below.

Best for bacterial growth

If you are using a substrate in your tank then you would be aware of the fact that the plane that is made out of the substrate is great of nurturing beneficial bacteria in your aquarium. These bacteria are really important for your aquarium as they would be the only one who would be responsible for the breakdown of the organic waste that is produced in your aquarium. Moreover, there is a process of nitrogen cycle that takes place in your aquarium due to which the plants would get the essential minerals and nutrients, this cycle is furnished by the help of these bacteria and therefore helps your live plants to grow faster than usual. The colonization of these bacteria is furnished by the substrate present in your aquarium as it provides a larger surface area for them to dwell and harbor.

Soil-based substrates also available

There is also a variant of soil based substrate that is available in the market that provides nutrients to your plants to help them grow. Everyone knows that soil is the best medium that could provide nutrients to the plants and would act as a base to them, this is why the introduction of a soil based substrate was done in the market as it would help your plants present in the aquarium grow to their fullest. These substrates, however, are not inert and provide the user as a natural organic breakdown process if he was in a search for one. This breakdown would provide the plants present in the aquarium the nutrients which are needed for their growth. There is also some addition of additives done in the base of these substrates and hence with these the GH value as well as the pH value of your aquarium would be in check and hence your fishes would remain healthy and safe.

There is a huge range of Planted Tank Substrate that is available in the market, therefore, get the one that would be best suited for your tank, plants in it and most importantly the fishes.

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